NORD opens factory in Texas

At the end of May, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS celebrated the opening of its new factory in McKinney, Texas. Following Waunakee in Wisconsin, Charlotte in North Carolina and Corona in California, this is the fourth US site for the complete supplier of drive technology. Here, NORD will offer pre-sales, warehouse, assembly and aftermarket services in the Southern region of the USA. The new factory will thus complement the other sites in supporting customers throughout the entire United States.

17. Jun 2024
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The complete press kit from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS for ACHEMA 2024 with 6 press releases on current topics.

10. Jun 2024
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NORD receives the silver EcoVadis certificate

This year again, NORD was assessed by the rating agency EcoVadis. The drive specialist achieved 68 out of 100 points and was awarded the silver sustainability certificate. The company improved compared to previous years and is well above the industry average.

03. Jun 2024
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From 10 to 14 June 2024, NORD will be presenting a wide range of products at ACHEMA in Frankfurt am Main. The focus is on ATEX-compliant drive concepts for the process industry and the robust heavy-duty MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear unit, in particular for agitator and mixer applications. Further focal points at the trade fair will be the new decentralised NORDAC ON/ON+ frequency inverters, the revolutionary DuoDrive geared motors and IE5+ synchronous motors as well as the NORDCON APP with NORDAC ACCES BT. Interested trade visitors can find out more about NORD’s wide range of solutions at the trade fair grounds in Frankfurt am Main in Hall 8.0, Stand B52.

15. Apr 2024
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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS at Anuga FoodTec 2024

The complete press kit from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS for Anuga FoodTec 2024 with 6 press releases on current topics.

18. Mar 2024
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The complete press kit from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS for LogiMAT 2024 with 5 press releases on current topics.

18. Mar 2024
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NORD at Passenger Terminal Expo 2024 in Frankfurt

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has specially optimised a product series from the LogiDrive solutions space for the requirements of airport logistics. The specialist will present its drives at the leading trade fair for the airport and air transport industry from 16 to 18 April 2024.

11. Mar 2024
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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS at Anuga FoodTec 2024 in Cologne

At the internationally leading trade fair for food and beverage production, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS presents its drive solutions for the industry from 19 to 22 March 2024 in Cologne.

22. Feb 2024
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Two offers for warehouse logistics

With the LogiDrive solution space, NORD offers its warehouse logistics customers two industry-optimised drive concepts. LogiDrive Advanced and LogiDrive Basic both impress with their low weight and compact installation space. In addition, they are optimised for different factors.

31. Jan 2024
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At the International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management, the drive specialist will present its reliable and energy-efficient drive units for the industry.

18. Jan 2024
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The complete press kit from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS for SPS 2023 with 5 press releases on current topics.

14. Nov 2023
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The complete press kit from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS for iba 2023 with 5 press releases on current topics.

23. Oct 2023
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Two-fold sustainability: the IE5+ motor from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

The IE5+ permanent synchronous motor from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS not only provides high-efficiency operation which saves energy and CO2 emissions. It also impresses with its material efficiency and requires a comparatively small number of critical metals.

11. Oct 2023
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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS at SPS – smart production solutions 2023

From 14 to 16 November, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will present its large product portfolio of energy-efficient drives and solutions at SPS – smart production solutions 2023. The presentation’s focus will be on the NORD ECO optimisation service, the NORDAC PRO and NORDAC ON inverter series, and the high-efficiency IE5+ synchronous motors.

28. Sep 2023
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Efficient drive technology for conveyor systems

With its tailor-made drive solutions, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supports operators of parcel distribution centres in increasing the energy efficiency of their conveyor systems and thus in reducing their CO2 emissions.

23. Aug 2023
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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS at inter airport Europe

Whether check-in, sorting, high-speed-transport or baggage reclaim – NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers suitable drive solutions for all baggage handling applications. The specialist will be presenting them from 10 to 13 October 2023 at inter airport in Munich.

16. Aug 2023
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Efficient drives from NORD pay off

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supports companies in undertaking the use of high efficiency electric motors funded by a programme of the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) and thus taking an important step towards energy efficiency and sustainability. Funding is available for both drives in new plants and conversions to more efficient systems, with up to 40 percent of the investment costs being covered.

26. Jul 2023
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NORD presents a substantially revised single-phase asynchronous motor

The drive specialist NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is renowned for its IE4 and IE5 motors but also offers reliable solutions for lower performance ranges. The new single-phase asynchronous motor not only has a new design but also features an improved efficiency by one efficiency class.

19. Jul 2023
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NORD: Drives for all crane applications

Crane tasks require special drives: Loads must be safely lifted, precisely positioned and gently set down, also with simultaneous movements of cranes and trolleys. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has the right drive solutions for this.

12. Jul 2023
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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is expanding its Polish site in Wiechlice

More capacity for the highly efficient IE5+ synchronous motor NORD will almost triple the size of one of its two Polish production locations: the factory in Wiechlice, Western Poland. Among others, the innovative IE5+ motor is produced there. Apart from the extension of the existing factory hall, a new geothermal system will be installed.

29. Jun 2023
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NORD renews its brand promise: Our Solution. Your Success.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is a reliable and competent partner for innovative drive solutions, who supports its customers worldwide with tailor made high-efficiency drives from the modular system, and with comprehensive application and industry knowledge.

21. Jun 2023
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The decentralised frequency inverter NORDAC ON – now with extended power range

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS specifically developed its decentralised NORDAC ONSK 300P frequency inverters for the requirements of horizontal conveyor technology in intralogistics and warehousing. The inverters are characterised by an integrated Ethernet interface, IIoT capability, full pluggability and a compact design. Now, the power range of the NORDAC ON has been extended to 3 kW.

07. Jun 2023
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NORD ECO service: Competent support for economical and energy-efficient drive systems

With its ECO service, NORD helps companies to find the most efficient drive solution for their application. Not only energy consumption and CO₂ emissions but also the costs for administration, maintenance and wear can be reduced by using suitable drive systems. The NORD ECO box can measure the energy consumption of individual drives in detail and allows for extensive data analysis.

31. May 2023
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Minister of Economic Affairs visits NORD DRIVESYSTEMS in Bargteheide

A visit to the region’s industrial key players: On his tour of Schleswig Holstein’s manufacturing industry, the Minister of Economic Affairs Claus Ruhe Madsen also made a stop at the drive technology experts from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS in Bargteheide. Among others, the constructive dialogue concerned the question under what conditions successful operation at the North German location is possible in the long term.

09. May 2023
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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS at interpack 2023

The complete press kit from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS for interpack 2023 with 7 press releases on current topics.

04. May 2023
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The complete press kit from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS for LogiMAT 2023 with 5 press releases on current topics.

25. Apr 2023
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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS equips its products with QR codes

From now on, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS equips its products with QR codes. This offers numerous advantages to the customers such as direct access to their respective country organisation's customer service.

24. Apr 2023
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End-of-line packaging: Decentralised drive technology with controlled frequency inverters

Heavy loads, high forces, long travel distances and lower requirements for precision and dynamics are characteristic for end-of-line packaging. The use of decentralised drive solutions with controlled frequency inverters can achieve cost benefits of up to 50 % depending on the type of system and application.

19. Apr 2023
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Intelligent heat recovery on machine tools reduces the need for fossil fuel energy sources

In 2012, Fertigungstechnik NORD, a member of the NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Group, developed a concept for heat recovery on machine tools. Since then, the recovered energy has been used for heating production facilities and offices as well as for hot water production. NORD is continuously improving and expanding the system to become more and more independent of fossil fuel sourced energy.

03. Mar 2023
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Customised drives for bulk handling

For the different types of bulk materials, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers suitable drives for belt conveyors, bucket elevators and other transport systems.

22. Feb 2023
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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is optimistic about the new year

In a challenging year, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS also looks back on positive developments. Just before the turn of the years 2022/2023, the drive manufacturer passed the one billion euro sales threshold for the first time, increased its number of employees to 4,900 and opened new production locations worldwide.

17. Feb 2023
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NORD Shop: Identify and order spare parts online

With its digital customer self-service solutions, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides its customers with practical and fast support in their daily work. One example is the NORD Shop that is now available in 15 markets.

15. Feb 2023
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The LogiMAT trade show that takes place in Stuttgart from 25 to 27 April 2023 offers a comprehensive overview of the intralogistics and process management market. Being one of the market leaders for drive technology, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will be there to present its solutions for the industry. The exhibition highlights include the perfectly matched drive systems of the LogiDrive solution space, the revolutionary and patented gear unit/motor concept DuoDrive, and further solutions for increasing the energy efficiency of industrial applications.

08. Feb 2023
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35 years of frequency inverter manufacturing in Aurich

Since the early 1980s, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, one of the world's leading full-range suppliers of electrical, mechanical and electronic drive technology, has had its own electronics production facility in the north-west of Lower Saxony. In 2023, NORD Electronic DRIVESYSTEMS GmbH celebrates its 35th anniversary.

01. Feb 2023
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Saving energy with the NORD ECO service

70 percent! That is the share of the total energy consumption of all industries for electric drives according to expert estimates. This is not only a significant cost factor - there is also a large optimisation and savings potential hidden here.

25. Jan 2023
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